Rav Avraham Bing (מחבר ספר זכרון אברהם ועוד)

Rabbeinu Avraham Bing was born in 1752 in Frankfurt. Growing up in this illustrious metropolis, gave Rav Bing close contact with many great Torah personalities. Among the great Torah scholars in Frankfurt at that time was Rav Nosson Adler, whom Rav Bing considered his primary mentor. At age 17, Rav Bing took a rabbinical position in the city of Offenbach. He spent nine years there teaching Torah, until he was called upon to return to Frankfurt to become part of the Yeshiva faculty and assume the position of Dayan on the city Bais Din. For the next 11 years Rav Avraham remained in Frankfurt, during which he formed a close and lifelong relationship with Rav Moshe Sofer (The Chasam Sofer) who at the time was still in his teenage years.

In 1796, Rav Bing accepted a rabbinical post of the city of Würzburg, which included responsibility over the more than 110 Kehillos of Bavaria. He established a Yeshiva within the city and attracted hundreds of students. Among the famous talmidim is Rav Yaakov Ettlinger (author of the Aruch L’ner), Rav Nosson Adler II (Chief Rabbi of England and author of ‘Nesina L’Ger’), Rav Nosson Natah Wolf (a well-known disciple of the Chasam Sofer), Chacham Yitzchak Bernes (Rav of Hamburg), Rav Eliezer Bergman (known as “Ish Yerushalayim”, author of ‘Har Yaroeh’ and from the founders of Kollel Hod in Eretz Yisroel). Rav Seligman Baer Bamberger (The Würzburger Rav) is not considered to be among Rav Bing’s formal talmidim, however, Rav Bamberger apprenticed by Rav Bing and was later his successor to the Rabbinate of Würzburg. Rav Avraham Bing passed away in 1841. His seforim זכרון אברהם and שלמה לאברהם were published posthumously.