Rav Binyamin Wolf Bretzfeld (מחבר דרשת זאב ועוד)

Rav Binyamin Wolf Bretzfeld was born in Baiersdorf [פייערשדארף] (northern Bavaria) during the first half of the 18th century. Not much is known about Rav Wolf’s life, however, he was clearly an outstanding Torah scholar. His wisdom was highly sought after, and he traveled throughout Germany giving hundreds of drashos throughout his lifetime. He authored multiple seforim, including Drashos Zev, which was printed in 1794, and Minchas Yehuda, which was printed in 1801. The Minchas Yehuda was part of a series consisting of four volumes, titled Sh’ar Yashuv Banecha, however, the other volumes were never printed. Rav Wolf eventually moved the nearby city of Bayreuth [ברייט] where he became close with Rav Dovid Disbeck (author of Pardes Dovid) who was the Rav of Bayreuth and the Baiersdorf region. Rav Wolf passed away at the turn of the 19th century.