Rav Dovid Disbeck (מחבר פרדס דוד)

Rabbeinu Dovid Disbeck (דישבעק) was born in 1744 in Fürth. After his bar mitzvah, he went to learn in Frankfurt under Rav Yaakov Paprish (author of Shev Yaakov). He later returned to Fürth and because of his wealth and bright mind, was appointed as the parnes, as well as Dayan. Among his contemporaries were Rav Yosef Steinhardt (author of Zichron Yosef), Rav Yaakov Berlin (author of Baer Yaakov), and Rav Tevele Sheuer. In 1771 he was appointed as the Rav of Mering (Bavaria) and then Schwarzwald. Seven years later he received a position in the Yeshiva of Metz, at that time under the tutelage of the famous Rav Aryeh Leib Ginzberg (author of Shaagas Aryeh) who was also the city Rav. In 1785, Rav Dovid left Metz and became the Rav of Beyersdorf and Baireuth. Without the students taking from his time, he arranged his writings into a six volume work titled Pardes Dovid. His writings are organized according to the parshios in the Torah but are mostly analytical novellea on Talmud and Rambam. Rav Dovid Disbeck passed away in 1793 at the young age of 50.