Rav Dovid Fränkel (מחבר פירוש קרבן העדה על הירושלמי ועוד)

Rabbeinu Dovid Fränkel was born in Berlin in 1704 or 1707. He studied under Rav Yaakov Paprish (author of Shev Yaakov) in Frankfurt. Rav Dovid was appointed the Rav of Dessau in 1737, and in 1743 returned to Berlin as the Chief Rabbi. Rav Dovid had a special affinity for Talmud Yerushalmi and composed two commentaries, titled Korban Ha’eida and Sh’arei Korban, which became classic commentaries on Yerushalmi. In addition, he promoted the works of the Rambam, in particular the Moreh Nevuchim which he had a new edition printed, as well as reprinting the Yad Hachazaka with his own commentary. Rav Dovid Fränkel passed away in 1762 in Berlin.