Rav Meir (Marcus) Lehmann (מחבר פירוש מאיר נתיב ועוד)

Rabbeinu Meir Lehmann was born in Verden, Hanover in 1831. Rav Lehmann began his studies in Halberstadt at the Yeshiva established by Berend (Yissachar) Lehmann, a wealthy court Jew during the 1600’s. Later, he studied under Rav Azriel Hildesheimer in Bais Medrash L’Rabbonim in Berlin. In 1854, Rav Lehmann married the daughter of Rav Shmuel Bondi (author of Turei Zahav), one of the founders of the separate Orthodox Kehillah in Mainz and great Torah giants of the generation. A few years later, Rav Lehmann became the unofficial Rav of Mainz but only received the official government appointment in 1870. Rav Lehmann was a brilliant Torah scholar and used his incredible knowledge and wisdom to compose numerous historical novels. These books were intended to provide meaningful reading material for the Orthodox youth of that generation and have since become classics in Jewish literature until today. Rav Lehmann cleverly included many important fundamental concepts of Judaism within the storyline of the books in order to bring these points to the forefront of the readers’ consciousness. Aside from these novels, he also composed a commentary on Talmud Yerushalmi titled Meir Nesiv. Rav Lehmann passed away in 1890.