Rav Nosson Adler (הראשון – הנשר הגדול)

Rabbeinu Nosson Adler was born in the year 1741 in the city of Frankfurt.  He was quickly recognized as a special child and was reported by the Chida in his sefer Shem Hagedolim when they met in the year 1752. Rav Nosson was a disciple of Rav Yehoshua Falk (famed author of the Pnei Yehoshua) and Rav Dovid Tevele Schiff (author of Lashon Zahav, later Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom). As a brilliant Torah scholar and expert on kabbalah, Rav Adler attracted numerous talmidim who went on to exemplify various aspects of his multifaceted character. Among his talmidim are Rav Moshe Sofer (author of Chasam Sofer), Rav Avraham Bing and Rav Seckel Wormser. Rav Nosson Adler passed away in the year 1800 in the city of Frankfurt. He did not write any of his teachings (various reasons are suggested for this practice). All of the novellea which we have from him today, are based on the writings of his students or various notations which he made in the margins of his seforim.