Rav Shlomo Bamberger (מחבר ספר ליקוטים ועוד)

Rav Shlomo Bamberger was born in the small town of Weisenbraun in 1835. He became a close pupil of his father, The Würzburger Rav, and is mentioned numerous times throughout his father’s seforim. He became a prolific author in his own right, and published an array of seforim ranging from a scholarly work on the Sefer Ha’aruch, and his Sefer Likutim, a compilation of novellea on Chumash. Rav Shlomo received his semicha from Rav Yaakov Ettlinger (author of Aruch L’Ner) and then served as a Rav in various cities. In 1886 he was appointed as the Rav of Sinsheim, a position which he retained until his passing in 1918.