Rav Shmuel Bondi (מחבר תורי זהב)

Rabbeinu Shmuel Bondi was born on Purim in 1794. He studied under his grandfather, Rav Herz Sheuer, the Rav of the city of Mainz. In 1822 Rav Sheuer passed away, and Rav Shmuel assumed the post of City Rav (his father, Rav Yona Bondi, passed away in 1806 at the young age of 32). As the Reform Movement grew stronger in the city of Mainz, Rav Shmuel became more involved in the rabbinical leadership to try and fortify it against the changing ideals. However, in 1853, Rav Shmuel realized that the situation had deteriorated to the extent that there was no way he could influence it any more. With no other choice, he left his leadership role, and formed a separate Orthodox kehilla together with other members of the community, which was a great success and flourished greatly. Rav Shmuel published a sefer titled Turei Zahav which contains his grandfather’s (Rav Herz Sheuer) commentary on Shir Hashirim, as well as his own commentary on Megillas Esther. There is also a section of numerous novellea and responsa spanning a wide range of topics. Rav Shmuel Bondi passed away in 1877.