Rav Tzvi Binyamin Auerbach (מחבר ספר נחל אשכול ועוד)

Rabbeinu Tzvi Binyamin Auerbach was born in the town of Neuwied, Germany in 1808. Rav Auerbach was a great Torah scholar and participated in many debates battling the Reform Movement. He served as the Chief Rabbi of Darmstadt for 23 years and later served as the Rav of Halberstadt from 1863 until his passing in 1872. Rav Auerbach authored many articles and seforim, all of which are written in a brilliant fashion. His most famous publication is the Nachal Eshkol which is a commentary on the Sefer Eshkol. His version of the text for the Sefer Eshkol has been criticized, however, his extensive notes and enlightening novellea are considered incredibly scholarly.