Rav Yeshaya Pick Berlin (מחבר קשות מיושב ועוד)

Rabbeinu Yeshaya Pick Berlin was born in the city of Eisenstadt in the year 1725. At a young age, Rav Pick went to Berlin to learn Torah, it was there that he adopted the surname “Berlin”. After spending a few year in Berlin, he went to Halberstadt to learn under Rav Tzvi Hirsch “Charif” (Bialeh), the famous author of the Kos Yeshuos. In 1755 Rav Yeshaya moved to Breslau to engage in business. It was there that he met his wife Fruma Pick, and upon their marriage he adopted her surname. Rav Yeshaya was an outstanding scholar; he would leave no sefer unlearned and always thoroughly annotated them. He used his brilliant mind to build a cross-referencing network across the Talmud. His incredible grasp of so many areas of knowledge gave him a unique ability to author many intriguing works. In 1793, upon the passing of Rav Yizchak Yosef Tumim, Rav Pick was appointed the City Rav in Breslau. He served in that capacity until his passing in the year 1799. Aside from his additions to the Mesoras Hashas, Rav Pick authored Hafla She’b’erchin, Kushyos Meyushov, Omer Hashikcha, and Minei Targima.