Rav Yitzchok Isaac Aurbach (מחבר ספר באר רחובות ועוד)

Rabbeinu Yitzchok Isaac Aurbach was a member of the illustrious Kehillah of Fürth which was home to the largest Yeshiva in Europe at that time. He authored three seforim, גירסא דינקותא, שותא דיונקא, and באר רחובות, the last one being an explanation of Rashi on Chumash. Numerous Torah leaders of the generation wrote approbations to Rav Aurbach’s seforim, among them Rav Nesanel Weil (author of the Karban Nesanel), Rav Baruch Kahana-Rappaport (Rosh Yeshivas Fürth), and others. Rav Aurbach writes a fascinating background to his foray into the field of dikduk and subsequent composition of the sefer Baer Rechovos. When traveling once to Amsterdam, Rav Aurbach chanced upon Rav Shmuel Posen who was a great Torah scholar and expert in dikduk. Rav Aurbach spent 10 years studying under Rav Posen. Rav Posen did not take any form of payment for the incredibly valuable knowledge which he passed along to Rav Aurbach. In turn, Rav Aurbach felt that he must spread his knowledge, and therefore wrote a sefer to that affect. Rav Aurbach passed away in 1748.