Rav Yosef Hess – Kuglemann (מחבר בן פרת יוסף על הפטרות ועוד)

Rabbeinu Yosef Hess – Kuglemann was born in Meimbressen (Hassen). At a young age he traveled to the great Yeshiva in Fürth and studied under Rav Baruch Rappaport and then, upon the latter’s passing, Rav Dovid Strauss. While in Yeshiva Rav Yosef took on the surname “Hess” after his hometown of Hassen. He quickly rose to the position of Dayan in that illustrious city, and in 1762 he eulogized Rav Dovid Strauss. The eventual successor of Rav Strauss was Rav Yosef Steinhardt, however in the interim, Rav Yosef Hess took on many leadership roles in the city. Among his disciples was Rav Betzalel Regensburg (author of Chachmas Betzalel). In 1779, Rav Yosef was appointed Av Bais Din of Kassel, where he served for 14 years, until his passing in 1793. This was considered a prestigious position; Kassel was a very wealthy community, and included the noted personality Baron Moshe Meir Rothschild among its residents. Rav Yosef authored numerous works, however, the only work which has survived in its entirety and has been printed is the sefer Bein Poras Yosef. This sefer is a commentary on the Haftoros, and was published posthumously by his son Rav Yitzchak Issac.