Rav Yosef Yusfa Kashmann (מחבר נוהג כצאן יוסף)

Rabbeinu Yosef Yusfa Kashmann was born in 1685 in Frankfurt. Rav Yosef completed a chain of three generations of outstanding Torah scholars; his father was the respected Rav Moshe Kashmann, and his grandfather was Rav Yosef Yusfa Hahn, a Dayan in Frankfurt and author of the sefer Yosef Ometz. Rav Yosef studied under many famous Torah personalities, including Rav Dovid Oppenheim of Worms (author of Nishal Dovid) and Rav Avraham Broda of Frankfurt (author of Eishel Avraham). Although his grandfather’s sefer Yosef Ometz had yet to see the light of the printing press, Rav Yosef composed his own sefer dealing with the customs of Frankfurt named Noheg Katzon Yosef. Rav Yosef Yusfa was the successor of his father in law, Rav Yuda Müller, as Rav of Deutz. He passed away in 1759.